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Welcome to Vital Coat Premium Concrete Sealers

Our unique, water based Acrylic-Epoxy product line of concrete sealer, masonry, wood and roof sealers is designed to protect our customers’ investment while also preserving the look of hard surfaces. When you use Vital Coat products on your concrete, hard surfaces or roof, you receive:

• Barrier Protection: Chemicals, moisture, oxygen, and other materials cause damage are unable to penetrate surfaces treated with our products.
• Environmental Shielding: Our products will prevent damage caused by harsh exposure to the environmental elements such as the sun, rain, and snow.
• Mold and Mildew Resistance: Our products prevent the growth of mold and mildew in moist, low light areas.
• Corrosion Inhibition: Our coating solutions are applied over hard surfaces and roofs to prevent corrosion and deterioration caused by chemicals such as oil, grease, salt, extreme weather conditions and other environmental elements.

V-100 Premium Concrete Sealer (72 Hour Cure Time) & V-200 Premium Concrete Sealer (14 Hour Cure Time) utilize Vital Coat's unique acrylic resin. It is a two part system that requires it to be mixed with Vital Coat Activator.

What sets us apart?
Vital Coat prioritizes environmental conservation and easy application. Our unique, high performance resins are made without the use of harsh chemical solvents that are typically found in sealer products, thus making them safe for the environment. Our products are designed so that any consumer can use them, regardless of their knowledge about concrete, roofing or home improvements. Vital Coat’s goal is to help consumers save money on costly repairs by providing long-lasting protection to their concrete, brick, natural stone, roof and other hard surfaces!